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  Eisenbeiß Family History & Genealogy   Clyde Eisenbeis   


An International Eisenbeiß Family Reunion is held every three years.
The next reunion is scheduled for June 16-19 2016 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Details about the reunion are in process of being finalized.
Reserve your rooms. Best Western Ramkota Hotel -605-229-4040.Ask or sepcial rate. Eisenbeisz Reunion, 603N. State Street Aberdeen, SD 57401, US
Eisenbeiß'es have come to the reunion from most every US state, and from Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg.
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On web, latest compilation on the genealogy of EISENBEIS by Henri Eisenbeis
 EISENBEIS FAMILY HISTORY ,the 10th Edition includes considerable new genealogy and history, along with additional genealogy and history about Eisenbeiß families still living in Russia.   Summary pages of genealogy     EISENBEIS of Reuss-Lobenstein (state of Lobenstein) ÄGIDIUS Eȳsenbeß  Merging of two lines a & b  & checking data consistency. The Epic of Charles Eisenbeis (1832-1902) 



All informations about "Eisenbeiß Family History & Genealogy" by Clyde Eisenbeis, link http://eisenbeisz.webs.com/ 
History & Genealogy information and links for families with the name Eisenbeiß, Eisenbeisz, Eisenbeiss, Eisenbeis, Eisenbise, Eisenbies, Icenbice, Isenbice, Eisenbeiser, Eysenbeiß, and Eysenbeys.
Genealogy Books, Genealogy Updates, Reunions every three years, Mailing List, Downloads,Links... 

An Eisenbeiß Family History and Genealogy book is published with latest updates to coincide with the reunions. The books cover extensive genealogy information plus old letters, histories, coat-of-arms, and other documents relating to Eisenbeiß individuals and families. Book order forms will be sent with the reunion mailing and will be posted on this web site in the spring of 2007. 
To be added to the reunion / book mailing list , email your name and address to Ed Eisenbeisz, edwin.eisenbeisz (at] cnh.com 
Usually only two mailings occur ... one about a half year before the reunion and a second a few months before the reunion

The name EISENBEIS is used to represent EISENBEIS and EISENBEISS to avoid repetitions. However,  the forms EISENBEISZ, EISENBISE and EISENENBEIS have not been changed.     
Others patronymics: Eisenbeiß, Eisenbeiss, Eisenbeis, Eisenbeisz, Eisenbise, Icenbice, Eissenbeys, Eysenbeis, Eyssenbeyss, Eisenpeiss, Isanbess, Yßenbyß, Eisenbeisser, Eisenbeiser, Eisenbies, Eisenpies, EYSENBEYS (French), EYZENBEYS (Russia) ....
      Eisenbeiß Family Genealogy Compiled by: Clyde T. Eisenbeis  Co-Compiled by: Albert Eisenbeiß of Germany, Dennis Eisenbeis of California, and  Henri Eisenbeis of France

NEW  Russian Special Page  Eisenbeis ==> Eyzenbeys ==> ЭЙЗЕНБЕЙС  The Eisenbeis victims of political terror in the USSR  Eisenbeis ==> Eyzenbeys ==> ЭЙЗЕНБЕЙС   

  The graves of Eisenbeis USA   (121)
 Eisenbeiß Family History & Genealogy, Clyde Eisenbeis  
Eisenbeiß Home Page, Dennis Eisenbeis  
From the keyboard of Delores Eisenbeis  
"A Tragedy in the House Eisenbeiss in the Year 1606" 
"Eine Tragödie im Hause Eisenbeiss, anno 1606"   

   Series of Clyde's Book
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Google results surname Eisenbeis  Google results surname Eisenbeiss  Google Eisenbeisz  Google Eisenbise Google Eisenbeiß surname  Google Icenbice surname  Google Eysenbeys & Eyzenbeys surname  Google ЭЙЗЕНБЕЙС      

-The web's premier collection of original military records (footnote)==> http://henri.eisenbeis.free.fr/gene/eisenbeis/eisenbeis-footnote-com_.html 

Ongoing work on the genealogy Henri Eisenbeis    
To establish the lineages in Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany, I had to collect all information available but especially the period 1750-1850 I have kept separate as it may be useful to the researchers of families which do not have ties with the Eisenbeises.
You will also find three families whose forebears had a lot of relations with the Eisenbeis of Neukirchen,

  *  the ANSHUTZ ANSCHUTZ ANSCHUETZ ANSCHÜTZ of Neunkirchen, Saarland & Zinswiller, Elsass , America    
                                      The search is continuing.     A SKETCH OF THE ANSHUTZ FAMILY or on the site of Henri Eisenbeis 
   A remarkable work, descendants of Andreas Anschuetz, by CUZ CRAIG. This  file .pdf represents all ANSHUTZ who came to AMERICA  

  * the LEIBENGUTH families,
 new    Leibundgut Family History  on http://levergood.privat.t-online.de/family/families/levergood.htm  25 oct 2008 

For the Leibenguths of the region of Melchnau in Switzerland, canton of Berne, you will find data of this township and those in the south of Alsace under LIBUNDGUTT.
See:MAP: Leibenguth in Europe .    Leibenguth Genealogy and Family History  The leibenguth Surname  GOOGLE      Leibenguth Surname Resource Center 
Other spellings of this name are LOEWENGUT    LEVENGOOD/LIVINGOOD    LEAVENGOOD     LEIBENGUTH     LEIBUNDGUT     LEIBUNDGUTH     LEVEGOOD LEVENGOOD     LEVERGOOD     LEWEGOOD    LIEBEGOOD    LIEBENGUTH   LIVENGOOD      LIVINGOOD        LIBUNDGUTT        Site of Jean-Marc FISCHER 68-MULHOUSE, Elsass on LIEBENGUTH   (french: Origine du nom, Armoiries, Une origine Helvetique Les Liebundgut d'Illzach, Uli Leib und gutt, De Heimsbrunn à Hagenbach, Ascendance patronymique de LIEBENGUTH Mathilde Joséphine, L'aventure de Jean-Baptiste LIEBENGUTH, Mes sources et liens)        
Researching a person can be difficult because there often is a problem in the transcription of given names (forenames). The first given name is often Hans or Johann. This has been preserved. To find somebody, the best way is to begin with the spouse's name if known. In notes you will find a lot of information on sources, anecdotes and articles with historic values. You are more than welcome to contribute anything you know because history is forgotten quickly...  
Some Known Variations Of The Levengood Name- Leibundgut, Leibenguth, Leibengut, Leebengood, Liebengut, Lowengut, Loewengut, Livingood, Levergood, Labingood Leurgood, Leivengood, Lavergood, Lowingood, Levigood, Lavenguth, Lavagood, Levengood Laragood, Livergood, Lovegood, Lavergood, Lovergood, Leavegood, Lavengood, Livengood, Levergood, Levingood, Leavengood, Lebengood, Libundgutt 
collected pages LEIBENGUTH   Leibenguth Family History  (ancestry.com)  


Should you notice mistakes in lineages, don't hesitate to contact the author to update the file.
Enjoy your research!
Due to the program of genealogy used, it is possible that there are inconsistencies in places of birth, death and marriage. Please let us know.
Très amicalement, Henri.

Map of Freudenstadt'area

Other pages (German language), where you find EISENBEIS (Also LEIBENGUTH, ANSCHUETZ... ) of Neunkirchen, Saarland, DE
Schwerpunkte meiner Forschungsarbeit, of Klaus Dufner        
   Selected Families and Individuals Klaus Dufner (Saarland)
  Namenindex  Klaus Dufner   
Inhaltsverzeichnis, table of contents,  la table des matières,  Klaus Dufner   all-2001-2008   
Nachkommen des Christian Zwalla aus Sahnen/CH
En français,

Le nom EISENBEIS est utilisé pour représenter EISENBEIS et EISENBEISS pour eviter les doublons. Cependant, les formes EISENBEISZ, EISENBISE, EISENBEISER et EISENENBEISS n'ont pas été changés.
Pour établir les lignées de Neunkirchen en Sarre, Allemagne, j'ai dû rassembler beaucoup d'informations à ma disposition, surtout la période 1750-1850, que j'ai conservées, cela pouvant être utile aux chercheurs dont les familles ne sont pas liées aux Eisenbeis.
Vous trouverez aussi trois familles dont les ancêtres ont eu beaucoup de relations avec les Eisenbeises de Neukirchen, les familles LEIBENGUTH, ANSCHUETZ (Anshutz) et FRIED. Les recherches continuent. Pour les Leibenguth de la région de Melchnau en Suisse, canton de Berne, et du sud de l'Alsace vous les trouverez sous le patronyme LIBUNDGUTT. Les autres orthographes de ce nom sont LOEWENGUT    LEVENGOOD/LIVINGOOD    LEAVENGOOD     LEIBENGUTH     LEIBUNDGUT     LEIBUNDGUTH     LEVEGOOD LEVENGOOD     LEVERGOOD     LEWEGOOD    LIEBEGOOD    LIEBENGUTH   LIVENGOOD      LIVINGOOD        LIBUNDGUTT   
Site of Jean-Marc FISCHER 68-MULHOUSE, Elsass on LIEBENGUTH   (french: Origine du nom, Armoiries, Une origine Helvetique Les Liebundgut d'Illzach, Uli Leib und gutt, De Heimsbrunn à Hagenbach, Ascendance patronymique de LIEBENGUTH Mathilde Joséphine, L'aventure de Jean Baptiste LIEBENGUTH, Mes sources et liens)   

En outre de par sa mère, l'auteur étant corse, vous trouverez les lignées DONGRADI et MATTEI de Scolca, Vignal et Chartres.
Faire des recherches sur une personne peut être difficile parce que souvent il y a un problème dans la transcription de prénoms. Le premier prénom étant souvent soit Hans ou Johann par exemple, ils ont été conservés. Pour trouver une personne, le meilleur moyen est de commencer la recherche avec le nom de l'époux (se) s'il est connu.
Dans les notes vous trouverez beaucoup d'informations sur les sources, des anecdotes et des articles ayant une certaine valeur historique. Vous serez les bienvenus si vous y apportez votre contribution car vous savez que l'histoire est vite oubliée.
Si vous remarquez des erreurs dans les lignées, n'hésitez pas de me les signaler.
Bonne chasse !
PS: Dû au programme de généalogie utilisé dans mon PC, il est possible qu'il y a des incohérences sur les lieux de naissance, de décés et de mariage. S'il vous plaît faites le moi savoir.
Henri Eisenbeis  Pour m'écrire  

Le site Dennis Eisenbeis  http://reocities.com/NapaValley/2174/   

To access Genealogy in Saarland

University of Wisconsin-Madison had created a digitalized version of the Atlas des Deutschen Reichs published in 1833 by Ludwig Ravenstein. It had a highly detailed Gazetteer with a table for dominant religions and marked locations of churches.

GERMANY INFORMATION: the very good site, in English, about German history with many historical, the site of Ingeborg Brigitte Gastel:
 http://worldroots.com/brigitte/index.html   ??? 
Saarland GenWeb
Map of Saarland
World GenWeb site for Thüringen
Baden-Wuerttemberg Gene
Kreiskarte von Baden-Wuerttemberg
Links to Germany
For Reference on German Regions, Adalbert Goertz's Regional German FAQ'S Deutschland (Germany) FAQ
German Genealogy Study Group 2. Maps, History, German Regions and Heraldry
German Study Group/GERMAN WORDS (also with German/English Introduction Form letters)

Clyde Eisenbeis began researching the Eisenbeiß name in 1980 by writing letters to various Eisenbeiß families throughout North Dakota and South Dakota. Over the next couple of decades the research expanded in an attempt to record every  Eisenbeiß in the world. During that time, hundreds of people participated in the research and made contributions to the genealogy lineage (link to listing of all contributors). Special acknowledgement is given to Clyde Eisenbeis of North Dakota, Albert Eisenbeiß of Germany, Henri Eisenbeis of France, Dennis Eisenbeis of California, and the late Christian D. Eisenbeis of California for their long term commitment to this extensive effort. If you wish to report corrections or add other lineages you can contact Clyde   or  Dennis     or   Delores=>deisenbeis[at]insightbb.com  or

List of surnames         

February 2004.     Data from http://geneweb.inria.fr/eisenbeis?lang=en  . The disk of this server is saturated. 
Transferred here on http://www.geneanet.org/geneweb/g.php3?b=lepeps  where updating is possible (in progress).  To read the complete cards, notes and dates less 100 years (pour lire la fiche complète, notes et dates moins de 100 ans) click on Friend (ami) access (password) User's name: henri , password: france - People who want to be withdrawn of the database write to eisenbei@club-internet.fr - Pour les personnes qui veulent être retirées de la base écrire à eisenbei@club-internet.fr 
Data is also reported on http://www.usgenealogy.net/members/eisenbeis/  december 2003.