To solve ideas:   There are two Philipp ANSHUTZ 

Data from Maria Louisa MILLER


Christian Bernhard ANSCHUETZ
# Died 1806 Zinweiler ? Balgmacher Kirchenvorsteher. Most of his children moved to US 
# Born on 8 April 1725 - Neunkirchen,665..,,Saar,DE
# Died possibly in 1806 - Zinsweiler, Elsass, FR
# Age at death: possibly 81 years old

Marriages and children
* 1 Married in 1750 to Anna Margaretha KUNKEL 1728-1763 , with
o Anna Catharina 1750
o Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ 1753-1837
o Anna Margaretha 1756
o Christian Bernhardt 1759-1759
o Christina Catharina 1760-1841
o Maria Catharina 1763-1790

* 2  Married on 4 August 1767, Neunkirchen, to Justina Margaretha CRANTZ , (Von-Kranitz means came from Kranitz, she was Cloakroom-maid in the palace of her Eminence - Garderobenmagd im Schloss bei seiner Hochfürstlichen Durchlaucht, her father was the oldest musician of the court of Saarbrucken)
o Andre +/1851
o Phillipp ANSHUTZ 1769
o Peter ANSHUTZ ca 1770-ca 1858



Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ
# Huettenmeister.Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Henri Eisenbeis 's file
# Born on 28 November 1753 - Neunkirchen,665..,,Saar,DE
# Died on 28 February 1837 - Pittsburgh,,,Pennsylvania,US
# Age at death: 83 years old

Marriages and children
* Married on 11 April 1780, Zinswiller,67,,Bas-Rhin,Alsace, to Catharina Elisabeth GERBER 1737-1835 , with
o 1 Johann George 1781-1852
o 2 Catharina Elisabetha 1782-/1791
o   unknown 1782-1782
o 3 Johann Christian 1783-1861
o 4 Catherine Elizabeth 1786
o 5 Anna Maria Dorothea 1788
o 6 Johann Jacob 1790-1837
o 7 Apollonia 1793 
o 8 Catherine 1797-1870


Georg Ludwig and all his family moved to USA, landed in Philadelphia, 12.9.1791, his wife, his children, George, Christian or Christ, Jacob,Catherine or Kate, Doly ( Poly?). With him they are also, 

* Philipp his halfbrother 

and his cousin *Maria Barbara Anshutz** married (in 1786, Zinsweiler) to Johann Jakob Guenther (Johann war beschäftigt Formermeister - Johann was busy as instructor in Zinsweiler). 

September 12, 1791 the ship "Fair American" landed in Philadelphia from Amsterdam. On board there are Georg Ludwig, Catherine Elisabeth, Johann Georg, Christian, Elisabeth, Dorothea, Johann Jakob and Johann Philipp, all Anschuetz. & Johann Guenther with his wife Maria Barbara Guenther (Maria Barbara Anshutz)


To solve ideas:   There are two Philipp ANSHUTZ 

* 1 Philipp ANSHUTZ is a half-brother of Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ
o Christian Bernhard ANSCHUETZ (1 relationship link: click here). 
is at the same time
o the father of Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ
o the father of Philipp ANSHUTZ  

Christian Bernhard ANSCHUETZ 1725-ca 1806

|   |
Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ 1753-1837   Philipp ANSHUTZ 1769  To US September 12, 1791 the ship "Fair American"

*2 Philipp ANSHUTZ is a nephew of Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ.
o Christian Bernhard ANSCHUETZ (1 relationship link). 
is at the same time
o the father of Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ
o a grandfather of Philipp ANSHUTZ

Christian Bernhard ANSCHUETZ 1725-ca 1806

|   |
Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ 1753-1837   Peter ANSHUTZ ca 1770-ca 1858 &
? ?    His Journey to America  
    Philipp ANSHUTZ ca 1808-1896  to US in 1818, wrote "SKETCH OF THE ANSHUTZ FAMILY ".


The 1st of May, 1818, have we departed from Zeinswaller to America, The 14th have we arrived in Amsterdam The 26th we have departed from Amsterdam to Texel,. The 30th in the evening at 5 o'clock we have embarked on the merchant ship named "William" from Baltimore. Captain Solomon Rutter from Baltimore, and have immediately sailed away. The 22nd of July at noon, we have arrived well in Baltimore. Upon the journey nothing special happened to us. The expense of the journey with Treffenwirdon Barbara (a maid) 1025 Hollandish Guilders. The 27th day of July, we have departed from Baltimore and have arrived the 24th day of August in Pittsburgh.
                     OCEAN PART     AMSTERDAM - BALTIMORE = 3 WEEKS  ( 23 DAYS ).
                     U.S.A. LAND      BALTIMORE - PITTSBURGH = 4 WEEKS  ( 27 DAYS )
( THE 1025 HOLLANDISH GUILDERS WOULD BE EQUIVALENT CLOSE TO       $25,000.00 TODAY !!! )                                    
                                  ( This is an exact copy of the family record  written by Johann Peter Anschutz  father of C. P. .Anschutz )

....... Excerpt of    SKETCH OF THE ANSHUTZ FAMILY 

In the spring of 1818 Peter Anshutz left their old much lamented home & freinds (friends) for America, in wagons. Many friends old and young followed on foot to see them off. Tears were shed on both sides in great plenty. I think they got to the river Rhine the first day. They passed the town of Wooms, next town was Manis. Here they let the wagons go back and took a boat for Kelton, dont (don't) know how for (far) it was from place to place. (You can find these places on maps. Was in Hotel at Marrs. Mother forgot a price of bedding on leaving) After reaching Kelton they again took a boat. They next got on a canal boat through Holland to the city of Amstredarn (Amsterdam). Here we seen the first salt water. We went to a hotel and remained about three weeks I suppose waiting to get an American ship, such as his brothers that were in America had advised him to embark in. Here they seen the first negro that they had ever seen and the first brown sugar ever seen by the family loaf sugar being the only sugar used in the country. As large vessels cant (can't) get near the city of Amstredwn (Amsterdam) they went on a small like sail vessle (vessel) to Texel and here was the ship, we were to sailin (sail in) across the Atlantic Ocean named William of Baltimore. This ship left Baltimore for Africa for a cargo of Coffee, for Amasterdam (Amsterdam), and was now on her way home, entirely empty, except ballast. How long they remained at Texel I do not know, but it was several days. Ships then had no steam tow boats to tow them in and out of the harbors as now. At last we got under way with nothing on board neither freight nor passengers excepting Peter Anshutz family and sand for ballast. The cabin is in the stem of the boat and the sailors, or crew, in the forcastl(e). The whole balance of the ship was for us. We sailed through the English channel westward toward sunset every evening for 9 weeks. If we had storms I know nothing of them, I will say as it looks to me now that the voyage was a very pleasant one. Being early summer the weather was fine. The ship had got two monkeys from Africa where they had taken on the Coffee. The monkeys were about the second size that is about XXX2-1/2 (this was marked out with XXX in the original) ft hig(h). They run (ran) loose over the rigging as they pleased and the boys had much fun watching the monkeys which were up in the rigging. They were very shy.

One day Christian the 2nd son seeing the monkeys out of sight thought it a good chance to slip in and examine their nest. This was in a life boat on the main deck, in the stern of this boat. Thinking the monkeys out of sight he stooped down when up in the little boat to examine the nest. They seen him at their nest and before he could raise up they were down and jumped on his head and back and begun to woll (?) him and pull out handfulls (sp,) of hair. They did not seem to want to bite but pulled his hair severely. He got away as best he could and the monkeys were not disturbed again. Arrived in Baltimore and went to a hotel and stayed (stayed) there several days. Then engage(d) 2 or 3 road wagons with 6 horses to each. We weighed the stuff and the whole family on scales and got into the wagons and stared (started) for Pittsburg (sp). The bargain was so much 100#.

These teamsters were pleasant lively men. Stoped (stopped) at Hotel every night. Then followed another long journey and we arrived in Pittsburg (Pittsburgh) sometime in August the year 1818. Were kindly received by by (appears twice) Uncle Georges (George's) ....


Relationship  Henri EISENBEIS is a descendant of the 6th generation of a cousin of Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ.  
"Johann Andreas" ANSCHUETZ 1702-1748 &1723 Luisa Christina MEYER 1707-1772

|   |
Christian Bernhard ANSCHUETZ 1725-ca 1806   "Maria Katharina" ANSCHUETZ 1729-1795
|   |
Georg Ludwig ANSHUTZ 1753-1837   Sophia Dorothea EISENBEIS 1766-1841
    "Georg Philipp" JENEWEIN 1791-1863
    Johann Nikolaus JENEWEIN 1816-1870
    Sophie JENEWEIN 1858-1928
    Luise Sophie FRIED 1879-1946
    Othon EISENBEIS 1902-1962