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Some Descendants of George Ludwig Anshutz, Sr. of Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany
Compiled by Don Dyson Worth, 1996
 Anshutz Descendants

First Generation
 1. George Ludwig Anshutz Sr. Born 28 Nov 1753
41 in Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany. Died 23 Feb 1837 66 m Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
George Ludwig Anshutz and his brother, Johann Philip, came to America on the ship, "Fair America," which sailed from Amsterdam and arrived in Philadelphia
on 12 Sep 1791 119  .In partnershipwith Baron de Beclin and William Amberson, he built the first iron furnace in Pittsburgh. The blast furnace on Two Mile Run (pres-ently Shadyside), produced cannon balls for Gênerai Anthony Wayne's army as well as castings of stoves and grates. But there was not enough timber nearby and the price of iron ore, which had to be brought over the mountains, was prohibitive. The firm was dissolved in 1794 (although the furnace was taxed for 1795.) George then became the manager of the Westmoreland Furnace near Laughlintown. He built the furnace for the Lobinger family. In 1796 he moved to Huntingdon county where he entered into a four-way partnership to build the Huntingdon Furnace. He was naturalized in Huntingdon county on 24 Aug 1802, listed as a former subject of the King of France (Alsace).216
After 35 years as manager and part owner of several furnaces and forges in the Huntingdon district, he retired to Pitts-burgh. His wife, Catherine, died at âge 78. He died at âge 85. Both were buried in the German Evangelical Cemetery in Pittsburgh. Their remains were later moved to the Rahm lot in the Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh
66 185
He married Catherina Elizabeth (Sotler?) Gerber, 11 Apr 1780
66 in Neiderbronn, Alsace (Today Niederbronn-les-Bains, Alsace, France). Born 22 Jun 1737 66 in Niederbronn, Alsace. Died 14 Dec 1835 66 m Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Research: Jeanne Struve gives Catherine's birth date as 22 Jan 1757
41 They had the following children:

2    1.    Johann GEORGE Anshutz Jr.
3    ii.    ? Anshutz
4    iii.    Johann Christian Anshutz
5    iv.    Catherine Elisabeth Anshutz
6    V.    Anna Marie Dorothea Anshutz
7    vi.    Johann Jacob Anshutz
8    vii.    Mary Anshutz
9    viii.    Maria Catherine Anshutz

Second Generation
2. Johann GEORGE Anshutz Jr. Born 1 Mar 1781
41 "In the Jagershall", Zuigweiler (Zinswiller), Alsace. Christen 4 Mar 1781 66 in Evangelical Church, Niederbronn, Alsace. Died 26 Jul 1852 41 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Buried in Allegheny Cem., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 41.
A record left by George Ludwig Anshutz indicates that his eldest son, Johann George was born "In the Jagershall" (Hunting Valley), which is the valley where the three iron furnace villages of the Anshutz family were located. Einsweiler is one of these. An original baptismal certificate, or blessing, shows he was baptized in the Evangelical Church of Neiderbronn. Although his headstone lists his birthplace as Einsweiler, Germany, all of the places mentioned above are in Alsace, then part of France.
The Anshutz family were reputed to be the first to bring a piano over the Alleghenies
6 .George appears in a newspaper advertisement in Pittsburgh on August 1, 1795, as manager of the Westmoreland Furnace, and offering stoves and castings for sale. This same furnace was used to cast grape and canister shot for the War of 1812 51 Letters written by George Anshutz, Jr., his wife Martha, and their children to their relatives in Huntingdon, are in the Dreer Collection of the Pennsylvania Historical Society in Philadelphia 66
He first married Martha Simpson, daughter of John Simpson (Gênerai) & Margaret Murray, 6 Jun 1806
41 m Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Born 15 Feb 1786 41 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Died 17 Feb 1816 41 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Buried in probably German Evangelical Church, Pittsburgh, PA 66. They had the following children:

10    i.    George Simpson Anshutz
11    ii.    Margaretta Anshutz
12    iii.    Oliver Reppert Anshutz
13    iv.    Edmund Murray Anshutz
14    v.    Théodore Anshutz
He second married Anna Eva Pithin, 20 Jan 1817
66 m Hampshire. Born 9 Sep 1781 66 m Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Died 15 Jul 1854 66 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Buried in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 66.
Ralph Hix gives Anna's last name as Hamsher. This could hâve been by a previous marriage.66 Research: Jean Struve gives a marriage date of 23 Jan 1817 for George and Anna.
41 They had the following children:
15    i.    Alfred Pithon Anshutz
16    ii.    Augustus Anshutz
17    iii.    William Henry Anshutz
3. ? Anshutz. Born 1782
66 in Alsace. Died 1782 66.
Died âge 5 days.66
4. Johann Christian Anshutz. Born 1783
66 in Alsace. Died 1861 66.
Not married.66
5. Catherine Elisabeth Anshutz. Born 178666 in Alsace. Died 1835
Not married.
6. Anna Marie Dorothea Anshutz. Born 178866 in Alsace. Died 1878
She married Martin Rahm, 20 Jan 1806
66 Born 1776 66. Died 1836 66. Occupation Clerk, Huntingdon Furnace 66. They had the following children:

18    i.    John Henry Rahm
19    ii.    Edward Rahm
20    iii.    Charles Rahm
21    iv.    Anne Maria Rahm
22    v.    Anne Eliza Rahm
23    vi.    Louisa Rahm
24    vii.    Francis Rahm
25    viii.    William Rahm
26    ix.    George Anshutz Rahm
27    x.    Melchior Rahm
28    xi.    Catherine Rahm
7. Johann Jacob Anshutz. Born 1790
66 m Alsace. Died 1837 66.
Not married.66
8. Mary Anshutz. Born 1793
66 m Shadyside Furnace, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Died 1832 66.
She married John Berry, Before 16 Oct 1816
66. Occupation Clerk, Huntingdon Furnace 66. They had the following children:
29    i.    George Anshutz Berry
30    ii.    Margaret Berry
9.    Maria Catherine Anshutz. Born 1797
66 in Huntingdon Furnace, Pennsylvania. Died 1870 66.
His second wife. No children.
She married James Workman Railman, 1841

Third Generation
10. George Simpson Anshutz. Born 1807
66. Died 1868 66.
He married Rosanna McCrabry, 4 Jul 1837
11. Margaretta Anshutz. Born 1809
66. Died 1891 66.
She married Thomas Linford Captain, 31 Jul 1833
Steamboat man?
They had the following children:

31    i.    George S. Linford
32    ii.    William A. Linford
33    iii.    Thomas Linford
34    iv.    Sara B. Linford
35    v.    Charles Linford

12. Oliver Reppert Anshutz. Born 3 Sep 1811  41 in Pittsburgh, Pennsyl-vania. Died 12 Jul 1888  41 in Jacksonville, Florida. Buried in Jacksonville, Florida 41.
Oliver was involved in iron manufacturing. The Pittsburgh fire of 1845 destroyed his business. Janet Brown believed that Martha had five younger brothers.
12 Only two are shown in the Ralph Hix genealogy.66
Research: Oliver's middle name appears as Reppert and Repport in various places.
He married Janet Brown, daughter of Thomas Brown & Agnes Ralston, 26 Jan 1835 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born 10 Mar 181141 in Paisley, Scotland. Died 10 Jun 188241 in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Buried in Beaver Cem., Beaver, Pennsylvania41.
She came to Pittsburgh about 1823.66 They had the following children:
Janet Brown Anshutz


36    i.    Martha Simpson Anshutz
37    ii.    George Linford Anshutz
38    iii.    Agnes Jane Anshutz
39    iv.    Thomas Oliver Anshutz
13.    Edmund Murray Anshutz. Born 181366. Died 1845 
66  in Louisville,
Kentucky. Buried in Old Portland Cemetery.
Not married.
14. Theodore Anshutz. Born 1815
66 . Died 1816 66 .
15. Alfred Pithon Anshutz. Born 1817
66 . Died 1890 66 .
 Janet Brown Anshutz
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 Anshutz Descendants
He married Eliza Jane Holmes, 20 Feb 1840
66 . xhey had the following children:

40    i.    Théodore F. Anshutz
41    ii.    Emma Virginia Anshutz
42    iii.    Margaretta Linford Anshutz
43    iv.    Sarah Jane Anshutz
44    v.    Anna Eva Anshutz
45    vi.    Edmund Steele Anshutz
16. Augustus Anshutz. Born 1819
66 . Died 1861 66 .
17. William Henry Anshutz. Born 1822
66  Died 1865 66  in Annapolis, Maryland.
Died at Annapolis from the effects of his imprisonment at Andersonville Prison during the Civil War.

  1. John Henry Rahm.
  2. Edward Rahm.
  3. Charles Rahm.
  4. Anne Maria Rahm.
  5. Anne Eliza Rahm.
    She married ? Bryan.
  6. Louisa Rahm.
  7. Francis Rahm.
  8. William Rahm.
  9. George Anshutz Rahm.
  10. Melchior Rahm.
  11. Catherine Rahm.
  12. George Anshutz Berry.
  13. Margaret Berry.

Fourth Generation

31. George S. Linford.
Died young.66 

  1. William A. Linford.
    Died young.66 
  2. Thomas Linford.
    Died young.66 
  3. Sara B. Linford.
    Died young.66 
  4. Charles Linford. Born 11 Oct 1846 66 . Occupation Artist.
    He married Florence Lewis, 1897 66 .
36. Martha Simpson Anshutz. Born 26 Nov 1835 41 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Died 11 May 1887 41 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Buried in Allegheney Cem., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Martha graduated from the Wesleyan Female Collège in Cincinnati, Ohio,in 1851.198 siie was "popular, favored, and fond of society," according to her daughter, Janet.
She married Stephen Woods Jr, son of Stephen Woods Sr. & Margaret Donahue, 8 Jan 1855
41 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born 3 Feb 1830 2 in Washington, Pennsylvania (160 Robinson St.). Died 2 Jul 1880 136 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Buried 4 Jul 1880 136 in Allegheney Cem., Pittsburgh, Penn-sylvania!36. Occupation Attorney (Robert & Stephen Woods). (See Some Descendants of Thomas Woods of lreland Who Died in 1793 in Philadelphia, PA for more information on the descendants of Stephen and Martha Woods.)

They had the following children:

46    i.    Oliver Woods
47    ii.    George Linford Woods
48    iii.    William Howard Woods
49    iv.    Elmer Ellsworth Woods
50    v.    Charles Linford Woods
51    vi.    Robert Anderson Woods
52    vii.    Janette Brown "Dot" Woods
 Martha Anshutz (âge 13) with her Aunt,
Margaretta Anshutz Linford and her son,
Charles Linford. Taken in 1848.


Martha Anshutz (âge 13) with her Aunt,

Margaretta Anshutz Linford and her son,

Charles Linford. Taken in 1848.

 37. George Linford Anshutz.

38. Agnes Jane Anshutz. Died in infancy.66 

  1. Thomas Oliver Anshutz.
  2. Theodore F. Anshutz.
  3. Emma Virginia Anshutz.
    She married ? Adams.
  4. Margaretta Linford Anshutz.
    She married ? Balmain.
  5. Sarah Jane Anshutz.
    She married ? Whitten  yes
    Henri Eisenbeis  
  6. Anna Eva Anshutz.
    She married ? Brown.
  7. Edmund Steele Anshutz.

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 Anshutz Descendants Index
Adams, ?, spouse of    41
Anshutz, ?    3
Anshutz, Agnes Jane    38
Anshutz, Alfred Pithon    15
Anshutz, Anna Eva    44
Anshutz, Anna Marie Dorothea    6
Anshutz, Augustus    16
Anshutz, Catherine Elisabeth    5
Anshutz, Edmund Murray    13
Anshutz, Edmund Steele    45
Anshutz, Emma Virginia    41
Anshutz, George Linford    37
Anshutz, George Ludwig Sr.    1
Anshutz, George Simpson    10
Anshutz, Johann Christian    4
Anshutz, Johann GEORGE Jr.    2
Anshutz, Johann Jacob    7
Anshutz, Margaretta    11
Anshutz, Margaretta Linford    42
Anshutz, Maria Catherine    9
Anshutz, Martha Simpson    36
Anshutz, Mary    8
Anshutz, Oliver Reppert    12
Anshutz, Sarah Jane    43
Anshutz, Théodore    14
Anshutz, Théodore F.    40
Anshutz, Thomas Oliver    39
Anshutz, William Henry    17
Balmain, ?, spouse of    42
Berry, George Anshutz    29
Berry, John, spouse of    8
Berry, Margaret    30
Brown, ?, spouse of    44
Brown, Janet, spouse of    12
Bryan, ?, spouse of    22
Gerber, Catherina Elizabeth (Sotler?), spouse of    1
Holmes, Eliza Jane, spouse of    15
Lewis, Florence, spouse of    35
Linford, Charles    35
Linford, George S.    31
Linford, Sara B.    34
Linford, Thomas    33
Linford, Thomas Captain, spouse of    11
Linford, William A.    32
McCrabry, Rosanna, spouse of    10
Pithin, Anna Eva, spouse of    2
Rahm, Anne Eliza    22
Rahm, Anne Maria    21
Rahm, Catherine    28
Rahm, Charles    20
Rahm, Edward    19
Rahm, Francis    24
Rahm, George Anshutz    26
Rahm, John Henry    18
Rahm, Louisa    23
Rahm, Martin, spouse of    6
Rahm, Melchior    27
Rahm, William    25
Railman, James Workman, spouse of    9
Simpson, Martha, spouse of    2
Whitten, ?, spouse of    43  yes Henri Eisenbeis  
Woods, Charles Linford    50
Woods, Elmer Ellsworth    49
Woods, George Linford    47
Woods, Janette Brown "Dot"    52
Woods, Oliver    46
Woods, Robert Anderson    51
Woods, Stephen Jr, spouse of    36
Woods, William Howard    48

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