transmis par Pierre Baudoux
Auteur : Huntzinger, Albert.
Titre : Anschutz ,pionnier de l'industrie lourde   
Edition : 1992.
Sujets :
Emigration ,Etats-Unis
Anschutz (Famille)
Sidérurgie ,histoire

Source : Bulletin - Association d'histoire et d'archéologie de Zinswiller
Cote : M.503.219,1992,juin-juillet

MAGASINS, En rayon, M.503.219, Pret des revues.
Dernier n° : No.3(1992)
....George, in 1791, decide to emigrate in America. His reasons can be various: the badly supported unrests and consecutive to the French Revolution of 1789, the stagnation of business and the financial difficulties of Dietrich's business, the demographic thrust or the call of the Anschutz family that already exploit a high furnace in the state of the New Jersey





He leaves with his wife Alsatian Katharina Elisabeth been born Gerber, his five children: Georges 10 old, Christian 8 old, Elisabeth 4, Dorothéa 3, Jacob 1 old 1and half, with a laudatory letter of recommendation of Baron Jean de Dietrich, Count of Steinthal.

The journey lasts 3 months. 
Anschutz is lucky, he possesses a high furnace and a vast land to Shadyside. 

He will become the most important producer of iron and flood Pittsburgh of his products with his son Georges who organized and control the market.

About Pierre Anschutz

Of January to June 1817, there were 16 domestic demands of passport to emigrate in America. A lot of between them returned. 

   The Count of Steinthal - de Dietrich - believes to a lechery of qualified manpower. 

Pierre Jean ANSCHUTZ is among them, worker at Forges of Zinswiller, who tells to be unable able to subsist with his wife and his six children in a township where there are not work.
Pierre Anschutz got the authorization to expatriate themselves, 14 months after his demand. The authorization comes from Paris, in a letter of March 12, 1818, addressed to the Prefect of the Bas-Rhin, the police's Minister writes about Anschutz that solicits the permission to go by his parents to Pittsburgh. 


The situation of family of Jean Pierre ANSCHUTZ is summarized in the enclosed picture, accompanied by the act of very complete and very respectful marriage of the in force regimentation of the time. 
Jean Pierre is the son of Christian Bernard Anschutz native of Neunkirchen - Nassau and Krantz, original of Saarbruck in Saar that was French largely under the reign of Louis XIV and that becomes the Prussia Rhénane in 1814/1815.
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